July 27, 2022

Introducing Relay: Slack Notifications - Our Latest Shopify App

Introducing Relay: Slack Notifications

We are incredibly proud to introduce our second Shopify app, Relay.

Relay is a simple but powerful solution for listening to store events and sending notifications to your Slack workspace.

Feature Rundown

Choose which notifications to send, which channels to send them to and what information you would like to receive. Relay also includes a simple interface for adding conditions to your notifications, giving you the option to only send the most important events for your Shopify store.

Choose which store events to send to Slack and get instant notifications when they occur.

Each store event can send to an unlimited number of Slack channels. Choose which channels to notify for each event.

Our simple setup allows you to get started within minutes and you can select which fields to include in each notification. If you don't see the field you want, we might be able to add it!

You can also specify simple or complex conditions for each notification to suit your business requirements. Ensure the right departments stay in the loop with powerful and highly flexible logic.

Relay comes equipped with powerful slash commands so you can access your Shopify data from within Slack; no login required!

Built for all devices, Relay lets you keep informed using Slack, no matter where you are. Full mobile and tablet responsiveness makes configuration a breeze.

Relay in action. See our Shopify app listing for more information.

More information about Relay can be found on our website or app listing.

What we learned along the way

We're incredibly proud to have published our second Shopify app, Relay.

It's been a great learning experience for us to be able to put our reusable authentication service and API architecture into practice to see how much time we save. The process of building this second app helped us find flaws in our process, cheeky bugs to resolve and has ultimately helped us improve our overall architecture for all future apps to come.

Developing Relay was definitely a smoother and simpler process than Bloom, and allowed us the opportunity to take everything we learnt from building the first app, and apply it here to create a cleaner and clearer app than what we've ever engineered before.

We hope that this trend will continue as we begin planning our third app, and we can continue to bring well-engineered solutions to store owners across the world.

If you end up using Relay in your own online store, please let us know! We’d love to hear from store owners and how they’ve found their experience with our app. Or if you're interested in trying out Relay, we offer a free trial period to get you started.

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