We are Shopside

Developing eCommerce with Shopify

Our mission is to improve the merchant and customer experience through simple, well-engineered Shopify apps.


Our Approach

Our development approach is guided by three core values. We frequently review the values themselves, as well as the work we're doing to ensure that we are always in alignment.

Proud to share

We're incredibly proud of everything we put our name to.

Single purpose

We are building a collection of high quality Shopfiy apps, each with a single purpose.

Active in the community

We want to share our journey and learnings with the community. Follow us on our blog!


Our Team

We're a small, tight-knit team that have worked on several ventures together over the years. With a background in engineering and marketing, we're coming together again to solve problems that we encountered in our previous journeys.

Ryan Phillips
Ryan combines his long term interest in eCommerce and SaaS with his experience as a full stack engineer to help bring the Shopside vision to life. He manages the operations and assists with development.
Jay Adra
Jay is a full stack engineer, a photographer and a writer. He codes in JavaScript, shoots on Canon and writes in English. His main priorities are development, testing and community engagement.
Josiah Lau
Josiah is a growth and product marketer, with a passion for eCommerce and SaaS. He assists with research and all marketing aspects.