Improve your Shopify store's operational efficiency by simplifying your pick-up and delivery management. Let your customers choose their preferred delivery date and time, without having to ask them yourself. Here is a short walkthrough video demonstrating Bloom in action:

An example Shopify store selling Macarons, using the Bloom date picker Shopify app.

How Bloom helps simplify your Shopify store's delivery management:

A simple but efficient date picker

Let your customers choose their preferred pick-up or delivery date and time with ease. Customize your settings for each separately.

Generate flexible time slots and limits

Set 15/30/60 min time slots for your online store, as well as how many orders can be placed within each.

Simple setup, customizable designs

Simple setup within minutes, with a range of options to customize the calendar's look to match your existing store design.

Online Store 2.0 and vintage themes

Smart theme detection. Supports modern and vintage Shopify themes.

Full localization support

You can change or translate every label or message within the Bloom app.

Mobile, tablet and desktop

Manage your pick-up and delivery across all devices, including mobiles and tablets.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? Perfect, we have answers.

Does Bloom have a free trial?

Yes, Bloom offers a free trial. If you aren't satisfied with our Shopify app during the free trial period, you can uninstall with no obligations or charges. (We'd love to hear how we can improve it for your store pickup and delivery management though.)

Can you help me set up Bloom?

Absolutely! If you get stuck during the setup phase, please get in touch with us via in-app support or email, and we will always help you the best we can.

Can you help me style Bloom to match my online store?

We sure can. Get in touch via in-app support or email and we'll assist you.

How much does Bloom cost?

You can find pricing information on our Shopify App listing.

Where can I see Bloom on a live store?

You can see Bloom in action on our demo store via our Shopify App listing. Bloom offers a free trial period, so feel free to install it on your own store and see how it works for you.

Customer love

We love our customers. And apparently they love us too. Here's what they've had to say.

Fantastic app from a local Australian developer! We tried countless other delivery date apps and wish we chose Bloom first because nothing even came close to it. This is THE date picker for you!
Brisbane Market Flowers - Australia
Very easy to set up. I love the time slots for pick up and delivery can be pre-made by 15 minute slot increments, saves me a lot of time in set up! It looks beautiful and minimal on our website.
Farmshop - Australia
For coordinating pickups and deliveries, there is nothing better. The process for picking times is customer friendly and clear on the backend. I tried two other apps before Bloom and it's by far the best.
Spring Hill Family Farm - United States
The support from Jay and the team at Bloom is top-notch, and the interface is much easier to configure than other calendar apps we've used. I cannot recommend Bloom enough.
Madison Cheese Boards - United States
Great experience with this app! Customer service is incredibly responsive and helpful. Highly recommend!
Gray's Florist - Canada
This app is amazing. Very easy to setup, works well with the Themes 2.0. To the team behind this app: Good luck with your app - amazing job you do.
Blumen aus Dresden - Germany

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