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Why am I not receiving notifications?
Learn about the reasons why you might not receive a notification you're expecting.
Getting Started with Relay
A short guide to installing and activating the Relay app for your Shopify store.
The Slack channel I want to send to isn’t appearing in the list
Learn how to send notifications to private Slack channels.
Using conditions to filter and funnel notifications
Learn how to set up simple and complex conditions/rules to filter notifications and only receive relevant alerts.
How do I customize the notifications I receive?
Learn how to customize the content of the notifications Relay sends.
My event has a yellow status but I don’t know why
Learn all the reasons you might be seeing a yellow status indicator and how to resolve the issue.
Some fields are missing in my notification
Learn why you might be receiving notifications with missing fields/data.
Using Relay commands in Slack
Learn about the available Relay commands you can use directly in Slack.